Renegade Indians
Renegade Indians

              Horseback Riding in Monterey or Santa Cruz                                            County!                                    

Adopt a horse for the Day to ride your 'own' horse wherever you choose.

Ride Where You Want To Ride!

"Because We Bring The Horses To You."




         Do you love horses and experiencing the natural world on                                                       horseback?                                                                                                                                                                  New to california or just visiting on vacation?                                                                                                                                                Do you want to learn more about horses?                                                                                                                                  We offer a unique equine experience like no other. We have horses      available for "adoption for a day" or hourly, suitable for all skill       levels, available to use or ride whereever you please.  We are very           familiar to the area and can offer suggestions on locations.                          (call 831.769.6869 for reservations or info. )                                      ( Horse handlers & Transportation  Available)                       Trail ride around the magnificent central california coast, take a free riding lesson and learn the true art of horsemanship.                         We provide horses and transportation for any special event               including weddings, proposals, parties, films and television,               photoshoots and even for equine therapy and mental wellbeing.       We are mobile , and will transport your adopted horses                         to where you want to go. Please call for more                                                   information & reservations.                                          831.769.6869          

"In the Redwoods"


Running down the beach Catch me if you can


 Call us and book your rental right now. Our horses are always ready to show you the trailhead to a great time! 


men on fine horses Checkin for laggers


Rent a horse and choose where YOU want to ride, on one of the many public access trails on the central California coast


Do you have heart? (Because that's what it takes) If you want to know how to ride and ride well, Then you should call me!

Private & Advanced Riding

White horse and Bride Mi Paloma (click)

Weddings & Special Events

horse and girl in a roundpen Lil Mak in the Round pen (13 yrs old)

Horse Handling

BLM Atrocity Stop Killing Mustangs!

Help our Mustangs

horses grazing Our Horses (click)

Our Horses 




Paloma's blog

Palomas Blog

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On a horse, on a beach Contemplating life...


                “The wildest colts make the best horses”

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