Renegade Indians
Renegade Indians

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We all understand that things change for reasons; political, social, cultural. I think most would agree that typically, economics dictate change. Whatever the reason might be, when change happens, the repercussions have the effect of symbolic pebbles thrown into a similarly still, economic pond. The ripples represent the changes that follow. Change that will affect the life of every living thing, within both the socioeconomic and actual ecosystem.


The near collapse of our economy here in America in 2008 has put many lives in upheaval. Man and beast. You watched, read, or heard stories of families losing their homes often. It is unfortunate for those who fall victim to unearned atrocities...

It seems the economy here in California and across the country are recovering from that somber part of financial history. There are signs of progress everywhere. However, there are always deferred resonations resulting from a bad economy.

There is but one that concern this writing.

One of those resonations widely overlooked, or ignored here in America is the number of horses that are abandoned each year.


Horses have been affected as much or, in many cases, much worse than their ill-fated former owners. The number is astounding, and sad. Many have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves, until someone notices them emaciated, or worse. Left standing mired, in silent exile…


Seahorse has rescued 15 horses in the last two years. There was nothing wrong with them, except they were extremely malnourished, or mistreated. One was covered in lice. Another mare was abused I am certain, because of her peculiar, defiant, passive-aggressive behavior; almost manic sometimes. However, that is a secret she is forced to keep. I now ride them all, and all are great horses that are happily re-learning to respect themselves again, and diligently work to repay their redemption. It’s as if they know…








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Horseback riding on Monterey Bay Image courtesy of Potterazzi Photography (click)
Horseback riding for soldiers returning from Afgahnistan. Horses for Heroes
Comanche War Party True horsemen

"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls- they give us hope!"

“Four things greater than all things are, - Women and Horses and Power and War" --  Rudyard Kipling

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